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    Tai Chi is Chinese Yoga,Moving Meditation and Chi Kung. It's also a form of Chinese Martial Art. 

 Sifu David Garcia was born in New York City in the 40's and Started learning Chinese Martial Arts in the 60's. He Started learning Tai Chi Chuan in the 70's under the late Master C.K.Chu from N.Y.C.  and Mantak Chia who was teaching in N.Y.C. in the late 70's.  There are legendary claims that Tai Chi can ward off over 640 ailments.

     Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that people who learned Tai Chi after having a stroke showed significant improvements when tested on their ability to maintain balance while shifting weight,leaning in different directions and standing on movable surfaces (as on a bus). Their progress was evident after only six weeks of training with a physical therapist in weekly tai chi classes and practicing by themselves at home.  Done regularly tai chi can reduce the risk of falls and injury. It also may improve circulation,flexibility,posture,blood pressure and heart rate,as well as ease pain, reduce stress,increase energy and prevent Osteoporosis. One study even shows benefits in people with Fibromyalgia. The above article found in the PARADE SECTION OF THE NEWSPAPER MAY O3,2009.


   Tai Chi emphasizes on relaxation, breath control, correct posture, balance, visual and mental concentration.  For centuries Tai Chi has been a daily prescription for perfect health and longevity and based on the Law of Nature it is the perfect exercise.  When practicing Tai Chi one manifest stillness within activity, the body is relaxed, breathing is deepened and quiet as in meditation and each movement is performed with full concentration.  Tai Chi develops the mind and body.

     The primary use and benefit of Tai chi practice is in preventive maintenance. Each time you practice Tai Chi your body is given an opportunity to relax and align itself a little more,if only for a short time at first.  This alignment is not only in a physical sense, such as alignment of muscle and bone and properly working systems. Tai chi practise is not a cure,it only helps create an environment in which healing can take place more easily and naturally.  In traditional Oriental health care, it is said that disease begins in the mind  before the symptoms occur in the body.   Tai Chi demands that the head, chest and hips be perfectly aligned.  The head does not move independently of the torso.  The different postures in Tai Chi are designed to benefit different organs.  When Tai Chi is performed daily, it strengthens the heart and massages the liver, kidneys and other internal organs.   It also stretches and strengthens the meridians and the muscles related to them.  Tai Chi with legs widely spread apart, exercises the connecting tissue on the skeletal frame.  This results in greater flexibility, greater blood circulation to the bone and a healthier skeletal frame.  A healthier bone marrow will produce a greater supply of red and white blood cells. Tai Chi is the only exercise that The Arthritis Foundation recommends. 

       When learning Tai Chi The blood vessels becomes softer,helping to avoid and often reversing high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. The skin becomes smooth and rosy,muscles becomes flexible and elastic,but can stiffen with extra ordinary strength if necessary. Tai Chi is good for any individual, whether a muscular man or a slender woman,an active adolescent or a white haired grand-mother.  It does not strain the body with harsh movements. It gives a person the best form of health and fitness.   The Chinese Taoist, the people who wrote the book on longevity and disease-free living,say it is the mind that generates most illness especially in adolescents and adults.  In the laboratory they are finding that the silent killers are not stroke or heart attack or pneumonia. It is our own mind and the way we choose to use it that begins the break down of our immune system and ultimately leads to disease. Most people in the West believe that a muscular man is a healthy man,or that extremely vigorous exercise builds stamina. Both ideas are wrong. Statistics show that so-called athletes do not  live longer than other people. True exercise for health is different from Western athletics where exercise tends to go to extremes and people often hurt their bodies. A weight lifter may have a lot of muscles, but also a weak heart. the size of his or her muscles increases but not the strength of his or her heart. Running may be good for certain people, but for others it can cause stress to certain parts of their bodies.  Tai Chi is a gentle exercise which has been  practise for thousands of years which kept people healthy. Tai Chi offers more than just fitness a study reveals that it may help prevent shingles,which is a painful skin condition in older adults. Tai Chi has a better response against the virus that causes Shingles being that Tai Chi strengthen the immune system.  My classes are RESUMING on Sept 07,2021 Tues and Thurs from 9-10 at 310 North Dillard Street Winter Garden FL. 34787 Jessie Brock Community Center. For further info. call 407 4671805.

 forms that are taught are as follows:


1.Yang style short form

2.Arthritis Form And Exercise. 

3.Yin and Yang Form

4.Sun Style Short Form

5.Lost Form

6.Yang Style Long Form

7.Qi Gong Exercises.

8.Spring Leg Forms